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Classrooms and Activities

Teeny Tots Classroom

This classroom helps our babies reach their milestones before they move into the other parts of the facility. We focus on strengthening walking, hand coordination, and learning to share space with others. 

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Wee-K Homeroom and Dramatic Playroom

The New Dramatic Playroom is done !!! We can not wait for the kids to get to play. If you are wondering what a dramatic playroom is let me give you some information. Dramatic play is so beneficial for kids to learn how to interact in everyday settings. It gives them a chance to learn how to communicate with other kids. To be creative with imaginary play. To mimic things they see from parents, teachers, or people in the community. It helps them to be able self express emotions, teaches them conflict resolution, and improves communication skills.


Spanish Emersion Room

Info coming soon

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Tiny Tots Homeroom and Playroom

The new playroom and Things That Go room is complete. This rotation is just as important as the rest. Kids will learn to share, play and clean up in this room.


Pre-K Homeroom Montessori and STEM Room

The Montessori and STEM room is complete. Can not wait to get the kids excited about learning in this room. Why is Montessori important for your child’s development? Montessori recognizes that children all learn at different paces. Some kids are visual learners and some learn hands-on. Montessori allows us to figure out what works best for your child and Implement that in his/her learning plan. STEM is important in your child’s learning development because it creates a love for Math and Science at a young age. Math and Science can be harder for school-age kids to grasp. When STEM is used at a younger age it creates a great foundation so they will be prepared for school. STEM allows kids to be creative and think outside of the box. It helps them find solutions to problems and explore the unknown. Using Montessori and STEM together will give your child a wonderful advantage academically.


The Gym

Info coming soon

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